It is our business to turn your performance into a business

Sports are a primary driver of a healthy and balanced life. They enable us to perform at any level of success. No wonder that sports have grown into a business. A big business… but not for all involved. We have made it our business to help every player in the field of sports become a successful brand: through research, strategy, creativity and … the relentless pushing of boundaries.

sportsDC vision

sportsDC wants to push the business of sports to higher standards by bringing a fresh, young, creative and strategic touch in marketing, communication, activation, and sports funding.

sportsDC mission

We are here to create a bigger impact for your (media) brand, for you as an athlete, for your organization or for you as a sports professional.

Through our branding strategies, we ensure the right market position for every player on the field. Our marketing creativity and consultancy develop your brand, reaching out to a bigger and better-defined audience. Your events are bound to be successful thanks to our experience in event ideation and production.

With integrated (funding) strategies we connect sports brands, athletes, sports organizations and media.

Bottom line: our strategy and creativity strengthen the business of sports.

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in the business of sports?

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Are you the champ we're looking for? As of this fall, we're looking for interns to join our team. Got some serious graphic grinta, all the elements of an event planner or are you a captain of communications?

Apply now and be a part of some of the most exciting projects, events and brand campaigns of the coming year.

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KMO supplier

sportsDC is an official supplier of the kmo-portefeuille in Flanders. Please get in touch to learn what this could mean for your company.