Our very first own brand: CUP

Here's our very first own brand: CUP. This meeting spot for sports and cosiness will open soon, just across the water from our HQ's.

The inhabitants of the development De Nieuwe Dokken, the co-workers at Dok-Noord, parents who drop off their children at the neighboring school or anyone who walks, bikes or runs by will be able to enjoy a coffee, healthy lunch or even take part in one of our workshops.
Next to that, CUP will host a bike shop, and organize a series of keynotes and clinics on sports and a healthy way of living.

And as the location with waterviews is so exceptional, CUP welcomes companies to meet and take part in sportive team sessions too.


What if we reinvent sports sponsoring? We all realize how important sports is for our everyday (healthy) being. Next to that, there are new ways and possibilities for brands, organizations and atletes to collaborate. Let's work together and find out how we can optimize your sports marketing partnerships. Get in touch!


If you're training on agility and reaction speed, changes are that you've met Ledsreact Direction during your training already: a smart cone that makes training fun and diverse. Together with their team we're working on developing a smart marketing strategy that's as quick as the cone!

Little Black Bike

Women's bike wear? You bet we are ready for that ride.

For Little Black Bike we're working on a clear marketing strategy, developing a unique women's bike wear experience.

Next to that, we're developing a clear brand experience too, focusing on the brand's look and feel, tone of voice and the customer experience.


Innerme sports nutrition is the sports food brand of athlete Dirk Baelus. The product line consists of organic bars, gels and drinks, made of carefully selected organic products.

The 2017 rebranding, including a marketing strategy and visual translation, was handled by sportsDC team members. Innerme is now steadily growing in the sports nutrition market.


Physiotherapists and coaches will know: SkillUp helps you create qualitative and diverse exercise programs for their customers. We are helping SkillUp spreading the worth that this tool with over 4000 different exercises is the one to beat.