Meet our tribe

A passion for sports: that’s what connects everyone at sportsDC. You’ll find us either on the road, track, course, field… or alongside the race course and in the grandstand.

With proven track records in our own disciplines, we have what it takes to bring you what you need. And if we understand what you and your target group need, well … quite frankly it is often because we are your target group.

Matthias Lievens

Matthias Lievens

Founder | captain of business development

Sports: triathlon, snowboard

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body”

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Sébastien Boi

Sebastien Boi

Founder | captain of operations

Sports: soccer, swimming, running

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Julie Gielen

Project manager

Sports: running, cycling, skiing

"The ability to conquer oneself is no doubt the most precious of all things sports bestow"

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Jelle Vermeersch

Photography and content

Sports: football, cycling, motocross

“The road to success is rarely paved.”

Serge Cornelus

Content and copywriting

Sport: cycling

“The look on my dad’s face when he saw Edwig Van Hooydonck crying on the podium of the Tour of Flanders in 1989 … Priceless.”

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Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Photography and content

Sport: tennis

“You only live once, but you get to serve twice.”

Fred Lagast

Web development

Sport: cycling

Jens Vanysacker

Video and content

Sports: cycling, running, soccer

“Zarrabeitia is not going to be in the picture, right?”