Jan Cnudde is one of the upcoming chiropractors in Belgium. Thanks to his training in Paris and with Jan-Pierre Meersseman (the founding father of AC Milan’s Milan Lab) he found the key to prevention and healing.

sportsDC created a number one branding for Jan Cnudde, both exploring his vision as well as positioning him as a true talent, right from the start. Next to that, we support Jan in his lead generation.


A number one coaching, rehabilitation and healthy life centre? We're more than happy to join their team as a strategic partner.

Following a strategic workshop, we developed a marketing approach with inspiring and creative actions, for Squadt to diversify and clarify what exactly their position in the market is.


PeakLevel is the place to be when it boils down to getting coached the right way. Over the last months, we've worked on several paths with them, delivering a clear marketing and product strategy, and translating that into a brand guide that grows on them, like their business.