sportsFC, a new funding model

Sports is booming and gaining importance in our every day life and time investments. More and more of us realize sports are important for our wellbeing and creates great communities. Alongside that, brands connected to sports are discovering more & more possibilities. At the same time, new partnership models and multichannel approaches in marketing are changing the way brands and athletes and sports organizations collaborate.

With sportsFC we want to facilitate this collaboration. Because we understand you might be interested in a strategic approach that puts your money where it belongs: with brands, athletes and sports organizations with a clear strategy and tone of voice.

So what if you, instead of investing in one person or team, you can invest in a set of events, athletes and teams, all linked to one theme? How do feel about family, high performance, good causes, science or health? With sportsFC - our fund for sports marketing - we will create a tailor made sports partnership package. By spreading out your investment over more than one partnership, we will increase your visibility. And don’t forget about the efficiency win: no need to go out in the market to find the perfect match.

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